Rain rain go away come again some other day.


Well little did my three-year old self know, the “some other day” has been the past couple months in California. As a little kid, I felt like I always loved when it rained. I got to put on the yellow rain coat that went down to my knees along with my matching yellow rain boots. And for anything not covered, it was wrapped with bubble wrap. However, it doesn’t rain quite often or as much I as I would like it to. But I thought wrong, the last couple of months have brought more rain in this time than I remember seeing in my whole childhood.

So the story begins…

It was just another day with a chance of rain. I planned for it to maybe rain for a solid hour and then become sunny like it normally does. However, the joke was most definitely on me. In addition, I also had a high school soccer game that day so I was carrying my soccer bag on top off my school bag. Coincidentally, I also had my parka, that unfortunately is only water-resistant, for my game later that day. I remember like it was yesterday. Haha just kidding it was literally almost yesterday. Anyways, I had walked out of my house and  got in my car to go to school and it was as if that was the last few moments of the cliché saying “the calm before the storm.” I had arrived at school and parked in the church parking lot which is quite a walk from my school, so I hurried while it was still sprinkling. Immediately after I finished putting my lunch away in my locker it was as if all craziness broke loose. It was pouring, and I mean for real pouring, and insanely windy, to the point where no matter what you did, your umbrella had a very good chance of flipping. As everyone walked to class, it was as if no one had seen rain before. People apparently forgot how to walk quickly and be courteous to ensure no one was poked in the eye by their umbrella. With my luck, my class was on the other side of the school, so I was drenched for the whole rest of the school day. Furthermore, this was not like any rainy day though. It actually rained for the whole day and I do not think I ever saw the sun. The rain was so bad that our game was canceled, streets were flooded, and some power was out. But at the end of the day, you just had to brave the storm and get where you needed to go.

Overall, not only did the size of the storm scare me, but the unexpectedness of its strength.

It’s funny how past students always say that junior year of high school is the hardest year of them all. I really did not want to believe this however, now that I am half way through it I am a firm believer and will mostly likely advise future juniors that it will be a challenging year. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, but not when it is one from every direction and aspect of my life. I am constantly getting asked:

Where do you want to go to college?

What do you want to study?

Are you going to play soccer in college?

Are you emailing college coaches?

SAT? ACT? Both? SAT Subject Tests? AP Exams? Practice SAT or ACT?

Are you going to apply in state or out-of-state?

This past week we just had to pick classes for our senior year and I am still stressed from it because I want to go 0-4 but I have not taken my art credit. My SAT is coming up. College Showcases for soccer are beginning in less than a month. And I feel like I need to figure out the rest of my life within the next year in order to be successful. Junior year begins and it’s like a whole unexpected rain storm, you’re SWAMPED with all these decisions and on top of it you have to deal with school and in my case, competitive soccer as well.

Recently, I have been getting absolutely hammered with homework. The past couple of weeks I don’t think I have been able to go to bed before 11:30 P.M. on a school night. I know it’s not my teachers’ fault because they obviously have to get their job done. However, some teachers take it too far, and it looks and feels as if they think we only go to their class when in reality we have at least four other classes. In addition, some of the homework given is busy work, the kind of work that just keeps you busy. For example, coloring a map. I am a junior in high school and I think I am perfectly capable of coloring, so why am I doing it for homework? Likewise, in the month of February we have had a couple of three-day weekends and whenever we have one teachers seem to pile on more homework because we have more time to complete it. Okay, and it’s not like I’m asking for no homework at all, because that would not advance my learning capabilities, I am asking that we actually get a little break from an already stressful week at school even maybe with the addition of sports on top of it. The only solution that I have had to this problem is similar to that of the storm, you just have to brave through it. Unfortunately, this just leads to some gnarly eye bags and exhausted body.

However, as I have gone through high school I have begun to appreciate and realize their are more understanding and considerate teachers, in that they understand that we have a busy life and piling up homework is not going to help. Some teachers are willing to brave the storm of what we get to call junior year and work with and for the students, by taking their opinion and ideas into consideration. All in all, I believe that their is a solution to everything and I hope one day that ALL teachers will understand the struggles of a student and try and make a positive difference.

In the course of these past few months one of the many storms produced a double rainbow one morning before school


This phenomenon made me think of a video that I happen to watch in World History class last year:

Need another good laugh or a reason to make fun of a fellow Californian, well watch the video below:


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