2/1/17, was the official date of Global School Play Day.

Personally, I didn’t even know that a day like this even existed. I thought wow, like how could I have not known about this because it was pretty freaking awesome. High school students getting to play with games they probably haven’t touched for several years. This was my case. I brought Hedbanz to class for myself and others to play. And in case you don’t know what this game is all about check this video out!

Unfortunately, less than half the kids in class brought a game. I think this can be solved by giving more notice, just incase the students don’t have any readily available games and are known for being forgetful. Also, I think making an announcement would help as well, to remind the students who do tend to be forgetful.

I went searching for the game that I was going to bring to class the next day. My game cabinet that was so easily filled with everyday fun, only contained 4-5 dust-covered games. GROSS right!! So I looked for a game that more than a couple of people could play since we have a class full of 30+ students. Headbanz it was!

But then I realized that many years ago that, that very cabinet was my go-to source of fun. Done with homework, go to the cabinet. Come home from a friend’s house, go to the cabinet. Come home from church, go to the cabinet. Finished dinner, go to the cabinet. Bad day, go to the cabinet. A lot has changed since those years. I got older. Technology advanced. I found the same “fun” in other things. Soccer, swimming, volleyball, amusement parks. Things that costed money and I guess less family time. That’s what really hit me. We are getting older and older everyday (obviously) and we often grow apart from the simple board games. In reality, board games, in my opinion, symbolize whats its like to be a kid. Simplicity, no rules beyond what is written, and most of all, fun times when our biggest worry was what we were eating for lunch.

This experience reminded me of how simple my childhood was compared to my present life. Students have to worry about the constant pressure of getting good grades, staying on top of extracurriculars, and doing everything possible to get into “that” college. Not to mention, the countless hours of homework, studying, and juggling sports or outside activities. As a kid, I remember playing outside for the fun of it, not because I had a scheduled practice. Getting to actually get some free time after you finished the minimal amount of homework. In addition, being able to have a sit down family dinner, without being interrupted by a cell phone ring or hour and a half practice, has become a rarity. I constantly cherish the dinners that I have with my family because we don’t get as much family time as we used to.

For about 50 minutes our class was able to not stress about school and let out our inner child. Five classmates and I played my game, Headbanz. I actually, did not realize how hard it was to guess what object you were. I got through a couple, a parrot, a bee, a fork, a hammer. However, I got stuck on one, I kept asking question after question. I came to the conclusion that I was a hand-held object that not many kids play with and that the elderly could use. I guessed remote, pencil, and even glasses. However, I had no luck. The class period ended, and it was back to reality. So I cleaned up my game, and wen’t to calculus class, which also happens to be my hardest, most challenging, and stressful class.

I am happy that I got the opportunity to participate in Global School Play Day this year for many reasons. First of all, I got to escape the stressful surroundings of school for a class period and just let loose. In addition, I got to feel like a kid again, which I don’t get to do very often.

Want to add more play into your community or life, watch this!

Need a little playful laugh or enjoy chess, listen to this podcast!



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