Expect the Unexpected

So as I walked into my AP English class at about 10 A.M. on a Monday, I really wasn’t expecting anything out of the blue. However, my teacher started off class with 5 random, or so I thought, questions. I learned later that all the questions pertained to the novel and movie The Crucible. Previous to the viewing of this movie, I had not been aware of this specific case of the Salem Witch trials. We learned about witch hunts around the fourth grade, but other than that I had no prior knowledge. While watching The Crucible I really couldn’t wrap my head around the death threats the characters were giving to each other in order to hide the truth. In fact, it took me by quite a surprise. To name a few, Abigail, one of the main characters of this novel, threatened to kill her friends if they told anyone of their communicating and dancing with the devil. In addition, John Proctor, another main character, threatened to also kill Abigail if his wife was condemned for witchery. Furthermore, I did not expect the court to believe the group of girls that were accusing innocent people of working with the devil, Satan. Also I just happened to think that break ups are often unexpected. One person is often blindsided at the fact that their significant other is having trouble or no feelings. In other words, expect the unexpected;)


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