The story begins at 7 o’clock this past Sunday, November 6, which happens to be my birthday. I took advantage of the “fall back” time change and got my extra hour of sleep. However, something was different in the atmosphere that morning. It was obviously brighter earlier, but that wasn’t it. There was a lot of commotion downstairs at this early hour. After I got up, I walked out of my room, my mom immediately came upstairs and told me that I had to go back in my room for whatever reason. As if I wasn’t already suspicious enough, I walked silently back into my room and my mom shut my door right behind me, scraping the back of my heels with the white wooden door.

As I laid on my bed in silence, I began to think of all the possible situations that could happen to me when I was able to go downstairs.

Is my mom going to make me a special birthday breakfast? Am I going to walk downstairs to a room full of my friends? Am I going to get pranked by my siblings?

I was in my room for a solid 35 minutes, when all of a sudden, my bestfriend, Sam, comes hurdling at my still body, to wake me up. She drags me downstairs. One by one, my body sleepily trudges down the steps. She gives me my birthday gift, which is a picture frame that had some of my favorite pictures of us with a note. I was absolutely overjoyed at the fact that she put so much work into a present for me. We ate a normal breakfast that my mom prepared. Next, my bestfriend took me upstairs to my room, once again, and told be what I needed for the day she had planned.  She expressively says, “Bri you need to wear jeans, a shirt, a toothbrush, a bathing suit, a towel, some sunglasses, and don’t forget to bring a jacket.” I am a pretty go with the flow person so I collected everything she said I needed. However, I still had no clue what she had planned for the day.

Are we going to her house to swim and spend the night? Are we going to the beach? But then why would I need jeans, it’s a nice day outside? Is this a joke? Were my parents in on this?

At 9:30 A.M. her dad comes to my house to pick us up, at this point I still do not know what her plan is for the day. Her dad starts asking where someone’s house is and I figure out that we are getting one of my club soccer teammates, Kaylyn, from her house from her house down the street. So as I am basically getting kidnapped, Kaylyn gets in the car and places a bright blue headband that I probably wore in fourth grade, over my eyes so I could not see anything.

After about 15 minutes into our ride, I realize that we are not going to the beach nor are we going to Sam’s house to swim and spend the night. I try to assess whether we are on a freeway or normal street and come to the conclusion that we were on side streets.

Where could we be going? It can’t be lunch because we just ate breakfast. Or maybe we are going to lunch?

We arrive at this mysterious destination and I am being directed where and how to walk because I still had my blindfold on. The huge reveal has arrived. I AM AT THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, DISNEYLAND. We had a fun filled day.

This whole event taught me that real friends, like the ones who are always going to be there, do not come around often. So, when they are there, appreciate them with your whole heart because you couldn’t imagine a life without them.




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