This week is a very crazy week at school, therefore, this will be my only post this week, I hope you all enjoy and have a great week! I also hope this story inspires you to live in the present and be a postive influence on your peers. And like Christopher Reeves says, “Once you chose hope, anything’s possible.”


Soccer, a sport defined by its global popularity. Luckily enough, I have the privilege to play this amazing sport that so many people are extremely passionate about. My journey began when I was seven years old, the “A.Y.S.O. days” as I like to call them.

I have been playing competitive soccer for more than half my life, however in these past nine years I would have never thought that I would be called “Coach Bri”. My coaching endeavor began on a warm, sunny day in the middle of August. In the morning and throughout the whole day my heart was thumping uncontrollably because I was nervous that the girls would not like me and my time as a coach would end as quickly as it started. That day I became an assistant coach of a u10 A.Y.S.O. girls soccer team called the Emeralds and had the pleasure of meeting about six of the nine or ten girls that were on the team.

Hope, a highly enthusiastic eight year old with about as much energy as a kid that never gets off a sugar high, intrigued me. Something was different about Hope. She had the ability to make me feel safe and secure in a time period of about ten minutes.  Hope is most definitely one of the funniest people I have ever met in my entire life. She always has a baffling curiosity for the game that I love to play, but also about life in general. To me, she views the world with such an unexplainable positivity.

Hope tends to be very excited, whether or not she is having a good or bad day. One day she was more jumpy and smiling more than usual. I was actually quite suspicious because one has to expect the unexpected with girls these age. However, I was surprised when she came up to me and gave me a container of Albertson’s chocolate chip cookies which I had been craving and talking about the previous practice. This dessert also happens to be her favorite as well. I would have never expected for her to be so thoughtful and actually remember something like that.

Furthermore, this practice went on as usual, girls hanging on my arms like I am some sort of jungle gym, the casual kick in the shin because I wasn’t wearing shin guards, and the persistent asking of, “Are you the head coach’s daughter?”, and the occasional “I suck at this drill, can we play Polar Bear.”

Since Hope radiated positive vibes I started to call her “Smiley”. I personally asked her why she was so happy and always smiling. Hope, with her smile that was seemingly glued to her face, responds by saying something to the effect that life goes on and if you aren’t happy no one surrounding you will be. From that day on, I took this advice.  

I guess one can never know when their  time will end and unfortunately, a majority of the time it is unexpected. I always catch myself living for the future and not enjoying the present. Hope, in my opinion has a gift. She has the ability to live and appreciate the present, which not everyone has the capability of doing. For this reason I think everyone should be like Hope.  

Hope actually happens to also be legally blind. She can see up close but at about thirty yards  she only sees shapes and blurry figures. If I become half the person that Hope is at the age of eight years old, I would become so content with life. Hope is hopeful, she never fails to try to put a smile on your face even if it means giving up her last gummy bear so I do not starve.

For an eight year old with a disability she sure knows how to be awesome at life. Hope never uses her disability as a guilt trip or as an excuse. Honestly, I would have never guessed she was legally blind because her personality is just completely and utterly amazing and she shows no signs of defeat. I am extremely excited to see what Hope does with the future because she is one heck of a girl and the day that I become as rad as Hope will be the day when I will feel the most accomplished.


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